An illustration & animation project utilising immersive projections.


In mid 2013 I was commissioned by Nike to illustrate and animate a large scale projection for their Summer Nights event in Shanghai.


The strategy behind the event ‘City of Movement’ inspired me to create a surreal cityscape made entirely or animated arrows. The slow panning across the illustrated environment was disrupted by rapid glitches of geometric patterns.


A projection of epic proportions.

The space selected to hold the event was an abandoned steel mill recently refurbished for the Shanghai Expo. Structures of this sort have an unimaginable scale. The projection space was over 400 sqr meters making it a understandably inspiring project to work on.

Concept board

Smashing out a first draft.

Over the years i'd done numerous studies & installations using arrows. After digging through some of my old illustrations I started to construct a scene & brought it to life by applying colour and elements from Nikes Summer Nights brand Vi. 


Getting into the details.

This is where the scary part started. Not just because a projection of this scale would easily highlight imperfections in the vector illustration, but because i’d never worked in After Effects before. So I started my crash course and spent my sleepless hour trying to perfect my vision.


The glitch screens

Part of my concept was to disrupt the primary illustration with a series of programatically infused glitch animations that would be triggered by movement by participants during the event. below is a selection of the graphic illustration that were integrated into the final projection.


Looking back at the event.

Seeing is believing, no recap or video can do this experience justice. Being encapsulated beneath this projection was quite mesmerising, the simple shapes bombarding you peripheral and the enormous disruption of glitches generated a powerful and aesthetically pleasing feeling.