A skateboarding activation that transcends its core audience.


In mid 2008 the YuanTuo Collective was given an open brief and large budget to concept and produce a skateboarding event to celebrate their latest range of skate shoes to be launched throughout China.


Do believe the hype! Our three day activation will turn galleries into skateparks, international skaters into rock stars, transform local skaters into pros & showcase industry creatives as artists. This is not all about hype, Our real goad is to convert consumers into advocates. Do believe the hype!


The 3 pillars for our activation.

The Adidas Pro Skate Team was an undeniable draw card for our core audience & our skateboard competition ensured that their peers would attend. But in order to gain farther reach we leveraged international & local artists working within the industry; photographers & video artists who create their media & illustrators who design the decks & publishers of boutique magazines.

The focus

Centre Stage was much more then a skatepark.

We took over the enormous Shanghai sculpture space for 5 days & constructed a fully functional skatepark within its centre stage. We then transformed the park into a living piece of art as our 12 artists created bespoke murals on different obstacles within the space.


Generating the Hype.

In the weeks leading up to the event we celebritized our artists with a full blown art catalogue that was free and available from pretty much every street wear store across China. The catalogue was supported by a series of band poster style posters promoting the Pro Skate Teams arrival. & endless sticker bombings were used in and around local skate parks.


Drawing in participation.

The primary function of our event page was not to reproduce communication for other media, but to draw registration of the multi-level competition from local skaters across China.

Post event

Let the press do the talking

Recruiting support from local blogs and media was easy with an event of this scale. We held 1 on 1 interviews with all artists, provided demo reels for the professional skate team and provided ample opportunity to cover the hot topic of China emerging skateboarding culture.